How Online Degrees are Perceived in the Business World

When does one opt for an online education? Generally when you are seeking career betterment and/or enhance your knowledge and skills. Most people who opt for online education have ongoing commitments (family or professional) and now most employers understand this. They know that there is huge commitment in a person pursuing an online education and it is this commitment that is valued. However, some employers still have some trepidation about online degrees on the ground that the standard of education may not be at par with traditional colleges.

How Does your Employer Perceive your Online Degree?
Employers will obviously check out your resume, when you apply for a job. They will have their own standards and requirements and will settle for nothing less. In this perspective, the college and your degree becomes extremely important to judge your potential. Some employers prefer full time graduates from traditional colleges, as they believe that unless you have been in a class room for four years, it is not really quality education. But the number of people who harbor such notions is slowly on the decline. Today employers understand that an online degree has been gained by an equal amount of hard work and dedication and does not in any way prove a person to be less skilled and knowledgeable. However, you cannot blame them from holding this skeptical view. With a number of fraudulent cases involving online degrees from non-accredited institutes and lesser known colleges, this idea has gained ground. So, when you are planning an online degree, look for an accredited course and institute.

Is there a Difference?
As far as the work is involved there is practically no difference between standard courses whether it is in an online or traditional medium; the usual process of learning, sitting for exams, completing assignments, etc., goes on. The only difference is that when you have attended a campus, you are identified with a brick and mortar structure, your degree is traceable, and you are benefiting from the good will of the institute. In an online course, unless you have been careful to join an accredited institute or a renowned college, there is not much chance to find out if you have really completed the course. So, expect to be questioned when you go for an interview. This will be something which your prospective employer will ask you. And you must have a valid answer ready to defend your decision about joining a distance learning course.

How has Distance Education contributed to the Industry?
Industry sectors such as information technology now have several graduates, who have completed their degrees online. There were mainly two reasons for this. One, this particular industry required students to be tech-savvy and online education by its very mode and medium, ensures this. Second, the huge industry demand for skilled resources could be met only because of the huge number of online courses in information technology. Other sectors involving BPO activities also benefited from online institutes. Please visit Are Online Degrees Good? for additional information pertaining to an online education and distance learning courses.

The Changing View
If the popularity of online education is any proof, then majority of employers are certainly changing their view for this type of education. A study, Staying the Course: Online Education in the United States, 2008, published by the Sloan Foundation, reports that in the fall semester of 2007, 22 percent of American students enrolled in at least one online class, which was a 12.9 percent increase over the 2006 figures. Surprisingly, this period saw only a 1.2 percent growth in the overall postsecondary enrolments. Today an increasing number of jobs in business and education are getting filled with graduates who have taken an online degree.

A job interview is unpredictable, whether it is an online degree or a traditional degree that you are carrying. However, if it is an online degree the chances of facing more questions, increase. It is very important to have faith in your institute, pride in your achievement in getting the degree, and the foresight to enroll in a well-known and accredited online institute. In your interview, emphasize the soft skills that you have learnt, with special emphasis on your technical knowledge, your managerial skills, and your ability to achieve.

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