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A web designer creates web pages that are appealing and accessible. With the Internet growing at an unprecedented rate and technological innovations in the design field, opportunities in web designing have increased manifold. Every business now has or desires a web presence, in order to grow; this has created the demand for a design base and this is slowly becoming a preferred career choice. The accessibility of the website is also a matter of importance; this specifically means that a website should be available to anyone, irrespective of the device they are using and irrespective of any disability they may have. Web design combines graphic designing, multimedia, content development, and programming. Please read Planning to Pay for College for the prospective web design student that my need financial assistance to earn a college degree.

What is a Web Design Trade School?
A web design trade school makes you ready for a career in web designing - a field that is in high demand because of its strong showcasing quality. Trade schools have various types of courses that give you technical training in 2D and 3D design and train you in skills such as HTML / XHTML, PHP, C, Perl, Java, C++, Python, Ruby, scanning, image editing, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Flash. Web design courses also include storyboarding, modeling, animation, and make you knowledgeable about site maintenance, e-commerce, and search engine optimization. Web designing combines your creative ability to conceptualize and visualize, with technical skills. For a list of web designing schools go to: Design-Training.com

Certificates or Degrees Offered
You can choose from various types of degrees in web designing. A two-year associate degree can be obtained from a community, business, or junior college, as well as from a bachelor's degree awarding institute.

A bachelor's degree in designing can be for three or four years and is usually an undergrad program. Sometimes a postgraduate degree such as a Bachelor of Fine Arts may also be awarded. You can consider one-year certificate courses in a specialized area of designing. Certificate courses are also offered by institutes of higher education. You will be required to do coursework as part of your study. Coursework involves experiment and research and will be assessed separately.

Check out the following sites for further information on diploma programs and non-degree studies, respectively:

Online and On-campus Studies
The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that with the growth of the Internet, designing jobs will show an approximate growth rate of 36 percent through 2012. To meet this demand, design trade schools, both online and on-campus, are offering degree, diploma, and certificate courses.

What does a Web Designer Do?
A web designing job combines designing skills with technical knowledge, to provide clients with a usable solution to their specific needs. The work starts when the client and the designer sit down to discuss the project. The designer has to clearly understand the target audience and the other competitors, to discern the need for the product. Besides being attractive, the design will incorporate all features that will make the page usable, have an easy-to-understand logical navigation system, and all features desired by the client. The designer will need to develop the content of the page and code it. The color scheme, layout, images, and illustrations need to be developed to match the product requirement, keeping the target audience in mind. Presentation on the web is different from presentation in the print media. Each element of the web page has to be optimized to get the best in aesthetics and usability. As a designer you are also responsible for accessibility of the site; all users, even those with disabilities, will have accessibility to the site. For this you have to follow design guidelines. After the web page is functional, you need to test it on different browser systems and for different resolutions. Defects that come to light after testing have to be fixed.

Professionals in this field need to have knowledge of design packages such as Fireworks or Photoshop. Experience in e-commerce, Internet security, and server-side technologies are also important. With the growing user access to Internet, the demand for web designers has increased rapidly. New design software is launched with regular frequency, in order to address certain issues; so designers need to be aware of technical developments. For information on the software used in designing, check out the following link: WDVL.com

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