Is Going Back to School the Right Decision for You?

Want to Go Back To School?
Do you want to go back to school because you feel that your career is not progressing in the right direction? Are you missing out on opportunities for promotion? Are you in a career that leaves you frustrated and unhappy at the end of the day?

The career that may have seemed perfect when you went to college to hone your knowledge and skills may now seem like an unwise decision. Whatever the reason, you have the option of going back to school. But before making the decision it is important to consider various factors such as the time you have for your studies, the financial obligations -- particularly if you have a family, and whether a college degree will really help you to get a better position. The answers to these questions will be your cue to decide whether to go to college or change careers using your present knowledge and skills.

Is This The Right Career?
Finding the right career is like finding your soul mate. It should fit in with your life effortlessly and honestly and be in tune with your skills, interests, training, knowledge, lifestyle, values and inclinations. Do you love your job enough to stay in it for the rest of your life? If the answer is yes, then you are in an enviable comfort zone. On the other hand, if you are waiting for the weekends or away-from-work days, if you are bored and feel under-utilized or unchallenged, if you find yourself dreaming about doing something else, then it is time to think of a career change. Also read Research Your Field of Interest if you are a prospective college student or are and adult looking to make a career change.

Why Does Your Career Not Fit You?
Before you opt for a career change, it is important to find out what it is about your job that is bothering you. Is it the job itself or is it the environment that you are working in? Sometimes your career seems wrong more because of the environmental factors of the work place rather than the nature of your work. The people, their attitude, your relations with your colleagues and seniors, the company culture, even your work station and your PC can be factors that make you unhappy. In cases such as this it is the work place that has to change rather than the career you are in.

Is This The Right Career?

Why Does Your Career Not Fit You?

However, if it is really the work that is bothering you then looking for a different career is the best option. Most degrees are useful for a variety of careers. When considering a change, try to fit your present skill sets to a different career that is more suited to your temperament and liking. Go back to college only when you are sure that such a step will enhance your career prospects as it not only involves financial obligations but also takes time.

Think Carefully Before Jumping Ship
Going back to school will involve a financial burden. So do your research thoroughly before you take the plunge. Find out if you can do without a degree program and attend part-time school or a vocational training course offered through less expensive, or sometimes free, government programs such as local One Stops, Regional Occupational Programs, which impart various mechanical, electrical, and office skills.

Think Carefully Before Jumping Ship

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Today we have the means to explore online education, adult classes, and other less expensive programs at local community colleges that offer certificate programs for vocational skills.

State University Extension programs have certificate courses in paralegal studies, environmental engineering, computer science, biotechnology, etc. Vocational training schools across the U.S. cater to high-demand areas such as medicine, paramedical, biotech etc. Look for financial assistance to complete your training program. A deciding factor in whether you should go back to school is whether the training programs offer a job placement service.

Going back to school is the right decision for you if your current career does not fit your potential, interest and skills. However, choosing the type of school, and duration and cost of program should be done carefully to avoid possible financial stress.

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