Continuing Education for Adults

The following articles contain information to help assist adults making a career change, also included are advice on balancing school, work and more. If you are an adult looking to go back to college, this section of our library contains several related topics for the mature student.

Balancing School and Family - Contained in this article is information to help adults with families that are continuing their education. Also included are a list of tips to help families deal with parents going back to school.

School vs. Job - This article covers the hurdles adults must face working while trying to get an education. Also included are tips on managing your office work and school activities simultaneously.

Back to School? - This article contains information to help adults decide if going back to school is right for them. From assessing careers fields to thinking about financial concerns affiliated with going back to college.

Going Back to School - Included in this article are tips to help adult learners that are going back to school after being away from college for an extended period of time. Ideas to help adults ease back into attending a college campus to advice on financial aid options.

Women and Higher Education - The following article contains statistical data regarding women attending colleges, trades schools or online colleges. Learn about the different fields and professions the majority of female students get degrees or certificates in and how single mothers can balance school and family life.

Please check back to our article library as we will continue to add articles about various career and education related topics.  Anything from helping with a career change, information about trade and vocational schools to ideas to help you choose a major can be found in our article library.

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